How To 5 Times Your Marketing

How to 5 times your marketing without much extra work, to increase your reach and increase your traffic. 

Did you know that there is a very simple strategy that will allow you to take one piece of content, and get 5 times more exposure to it? Well, there is!

The Four Step Formula…

1. Video

A.  If you are making one video per week, you will have 52 videos in a year. Let’s say that you are sharing these on You Tube. How can we increase our reach? Start making one video per day. You have now increased your reach by 7 times. This will allow you to make 365 videos in one year.

B.  Share your videos on more sites than You Tube. For example you could share your videos on Vimeo, Daily Motion, Google Video, MetaCafe and VidiLife, to name a few. For more sites you can go to Google and search “video sharing sites.”

If we take our one video per day that we are putting on You Tube, and post it on each of these sites as well, we will now be able to use the same video 6 times per day. The real beauty of this is that you make one video, but it now becomes 6.

6 videos per day, for 365 days is now 2,190 videos per year. Think about this. You make one video that you place on six video sharing sites. You leveraged your time and your video by 6!

The videos only need to be anywhere from one to three minutes. Make sure they provide something useful and of value to your audience.

2.  Post Videos On A Blog…

A.  Take the one video per day that you create and post it on a blog. A blog is another avenue for you to get your message out to the market place. You want your content in as many places as you can possibly get. The idea is to get eye balls on it and have people engage with you. For a good analogy of this, checkout “The Money Spiders” at http://www.roymillermarketing.com.

B.  When we add these videos to a blog, that will give us another 365 pieces of video content. Based on one per day.

This 365 pieces of video content on a blog will now be added to our 2,190 pieces of content that was shared on video sharing sites will now become 2,555 pieces of content!

3.  Facebook Fan Pages…

A Facebook Fan Page is a must to have for marketers. It is a great place to make social connections and create a tribe or group. You can place that one video per day on your Facebook Fan Page too. Placing that same video on your Facebook Fan Page will give you another 365 pieces of content.

When you add this to the other content that you have shared, you will now have 2,920 pieces of video content for people to see and connect with.

4.  Video Transcription…

You can have your video transcribed by a company called Rev.com. It will cost about $1.00 per minute. You can then turn the transcribed video into an article that you could post on an article site such as EzineArticles.com. That will give you another 365 pieces of content. 

You now have an additional 365 pieces of article content that you can add to the 2,920 pieces that you already have to get 3,285 pieces of content!

To Your Success,

Roy Miller

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