7 Tips for a successful Periscope

Here I wanna show you 7 tips for your success on Perisope.

What are you going to talk about?

What is a current interest or current event that you are interested in? Would other people also be interested in that topic?

Who are you speaking to?

Who is in your target audience? Are you talking to business people, mom’s, people interested in sports, such as football, baseball, basketball, or soccer?

Promote Yourself

You need to introduce yourself. Provide a small bio of yourself. Perhaps your name, your marital status, what your occupation is, and what part of the country, or world you live in.

What is Periscope?


Be consistent with the time of your Periscope broadcast

Pick a time that works for you, and that you can be consistent with on a daily or weekly basis. This will enable your audience to know when to be available for your Periscope broadcast.

You must get people to either “like” or “hate” you.

Your audience will need to have something in common with you. your content will tend to polarize your audience. In other words, they will like what you say, or they will not. If they do not, they  will leave your broadcast, and may never come back.

Always try to get a share for your Periscope broadcast

You are looking for shares to grow your audience exponentially. You want to get as many “hearts” during your broadcast as possible. This is the Periscope form of likes. The more, the better.

Life Lessons

What have you learned from your life experiences that would benefit your audience? What would provide value to them? Remember, no matter whether or not you think that you do not have anything in your life that would help someone, you really do. Just be yourself, that will always work for you, and your audience.

To your success


Here is the video for visual fans perfectly watchable even on all mobile devices 🙂



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