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Roy Miller

 My name is Roy Miller. I am 64 years old, and have lived in Dallas, Texas all my life.

My occupation is in the Electrical Construction area. I am currently a Project Manager for an electrical contracting firm in Richardson, Texas.

I married my High School sweetheart, and have been happily married for 44 years. We have two sons, and four grandsons.

I am about to retire, and I am looking for something to do in my retirement. Internet marketing peeked my interest.

I have been studying it for some time, and have begun to start participating in it! My focus is to help “newbie” internet marketers to learn what they need to get started. It is definitely a learning process!

Here with Roy Miller Marketing I show you how a proper blog foundation builds the playground for your further success. There are many fancy systems out in the online marketers world, system that tell you you will have success without any own website.

I have tried many from them. But if you wanna build an expert state you will need a blog to share your experiences and how the things have to be done to get successful. I share here on RRM the newest trends , the hottest topics and my experiences with you.

Come with me on the the road to success and follow me on my social media.

To your success.

Sincerely, Roy.

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