Ask, by Ryan Levesque, A Review

We as marketers are always looking for more and better ways to identify, target, and sell to our market. We tend to ask our market”what do you want?” Asking the question in this manner will not get you the answer or information that you need. We also tend to market our products based on what we think our market needs, and not what our market wants.

Ryan Levesque has developed a system, that when properly executed, will get you amazing results. This system is called The Ask Formula. The  Ask Formula  is a system of questions that are designed to help you figure out exactly what your customer wants, and the exact language to use in communicating with them. Once you get this information, it will allow you to personalize your message to them. You will be guiding them by asking a series of counterintuitive questions.


The Payoff…

1.  You will learn what your market wants to buy, and when they are ready to buy. This will create customers who will buy from you time and time again.

2.  You will also learn why they did not buy, and it will give you information to revise and re-engage with them in order to make them come back to you again.

3.  Once you have done these two steps, you will be able to scale your business.

The Survey…

You are, in effect, taking a survey. This is not the typical telemarketing style survey that you are probably familiar with. This survey will empower both the customer and the marketer. This survey, when properly executed, will motivate the customer to take the survey. You will not only discover what the customer wants, but you will be able to customize the sales language based on the response from the survey.

People Don’t Know What They Want…

A perfect example of this is when a group of people get together and the question “where do you want to eat” gets asked, no one can really say. If you were to ask “is there any place that you do not want to eat?” you will get more answers to that question. People are better at telling you what they do not want.

People are good at answering two basic questions. What they do not want and what they have done in the past.

The Simple Secret…

Ask the right questions, in the right way, at the right time. You have to figure out what your market wants and then give it to them.

The Process…

1.  Prepare… The Deep Dive Survey

 2.  Persuade… The Landing Page

3.  Segment… The Micro-Commitment Bucket Survey

 4.  Profit… The Profit Maximization Upsell Sequence

 5.  Pivot… The Email Follow-up Feedback Loop

The Survey Funnel…

This uses four specific surveys at four very specific points in your online sales funnel. When these surveys are combined with The Ask Formula, you will find out what your market wants to buy.

 1.  The “Deep Dive” Survey

This is the most important part of the process. It is the foundation for the rest of the survey. You cannot skip this step. This is where you ask your customers what they want. You do this by asking open-ended questions. You then analyze the results to know how to sort your customers into categories or “buckets”. For example, you could ask them what their biggest challenge is. In effect, that will tell you what your customers want you to sell them.

2.  The Landing Page

This is not your typical landing page. The purpose of this landing page is to try to diagnose your customers problem, and be able to offer them their very best solution. Note: a video landing page will convert better than a text landing page. Make sure that your call to action stands out. Be sure to ask a compelling question on your landing page. You need a “hook” that will inspire curiosity and desire in your customer.

The Micro-Commitment Bucket

3.  The “Micro-Commitment Bucket Survey

 Here you will ask a series of multiple-choice questions, These questions will lead to you asking them for their name and email address. With these questions, you are trying to determine what category or “bucket” to sort them into. This will also help you with demographics and targeting.   

4. The Upsell

 This is the best time for you to upsell. it could be a discount, free shipping, a free consultation or anything that will help your customer to get value and give you additional sales. You could have a “one time offer” and if they don’t buy, you could offer a “downsell”.

5.  The “Do You Hate Me” Survey

This is a one, open ended question to determine why the customer did not buy. It is for you to be able to clarify why the prospect did not buy from you. It allows you to tweak and refine your proposal in order to help you make the sale.

6.  The Pivot Survey  

In order to be successful, you need to be able to convert a portion of your non-buyers into paying customers. You can do this by making your email subject line an open ended question. You have to appeal to the prospects curiosity.

This has been a brief overview of the Ask Formula. The book contains so much more, and goes more in depth in explaining everything, as well as providing some valuable resources for you. I believe that it will be worth your time to read this book and implement these strategies into your marketing efforts. Our goal is to always be of value to our audience, and this will allow you to find out what your customers want, and be able to give it to them.

To your success,

Roy Miller


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