Baby Boomers And Social Media

8,000 to 10,000 Baby Boomers Per Day Are Turning 65 Years Old…

That being said, that does not mean that they want you to consider them to be old.

One way to look at this is to remember when you were 20-years old. You probably thought that someone that was 65-years old, was really old. When you were 40-years old, being 65-years old didn’t seem that old. However, when you are 65-years old, you don’t feel old at all!

Marketing To Baby Boomers – Are They Connected On Social Media?

“Baby Boomers” are using social media such as Facebook to keep up with their families and friends. They are using Twitter to express their opinions on many different topics. They also use Instagram and Pinterest for photos, recipes, and image post.

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Smartphones And Tablets…

“Baby Boomers” are responsible for a large number of smartphones and tablet sales. They use them for internet searches, communicating with family and friends, and for online shopping.

How Social Are Baby Boomers?

Facebook – 82%

Linkedin – 34%

Pinterest – 34%

Google + – 32%

Twitter – 31%

Instagram – 10%

“Baby Boomers” will spend about 11+ hours per week on just Facebook alone! Facebook is a very good way to get a “Baby Boomer” to take action and visit a website.

How To Connect With Baby Boomers On Social Media…

“Baby Boomers” want to connect on an emotional level. One of the good things about Facebook, is that they are able to see stories about people. This will give a “Baby Boomer” a sense of connection with those people in the stories. This connection can often remind them of a similar experience that they have had. 

“Baby Boomers” want to be engaged. Always use images, videos, and stories in your social media to keep them engaged.

Coming soon, Content Marketing to Baby Boomers…

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