11 Tips For Marketing To Baby Boomers…

People who were born between 1946 and 1964 are considered “Baby Boomers”.

There are roughly seventy-nine million “Baby Boomers” in the United States, or about 29% of the total population.

How Long Will Baby Boomers Live?

It is estimated that approximately eighteen million “Baby Boomers” will live to age eighty-five or older.

Are Baby Boomers A Viable Market For You?

“Baby Boomers” are estimated to control about 70% of the wealth in the United States. That equals about 3 trillion dollars.

11 Tips For Marketing To Baby Boomers…

1.  Although “Baby Boomers” are a large market, you still need to segment them. They are not a “one size fits all” market.

2.  You need to have multiple channels to use to market to “Baby Boomers”. For example, direct mail, the telephone, and even social media.

3.  Always be honest and truthful in your marketing to “Baby Boomers”.

4.  If you use images in your marketing materials, use images such as senior citizens. It will give the “Baby Boomers” something that they can relate to.

5.  Put as much information as you can in your “about me” page. “Baby Boomers” want to be able to identify with you. They want to know who you are.

6.  Take the time to explain in detail your product or service. “Baby Boomers” are inquisitive and want to ask questions. “Baby Boomers” want to buy, not to be sold.

7.  Make sure your offer is benefit rich. “Baby Boomers” are looking for things that will make their lives more enjoyable, or easier. If they find something that will do     that, they will be willing to spend money on it.

8.  Make sure that you have a payment process that is not too complicated, and that it is secure. “Baby Boomers” are very security conscience.

9.  “Baby Boomers” will want to be able to communicate with you. Make sure that you provide multiple ways to contact you. Provide an email address, a telephone number, and even a social media site, such as Facebook.

10. “Baby Boomers” still prefer to receive direct mail and printed information. Such as, catalog’s and brochures.

11. “Baby Boomers” are very protective of their privacy. Make sure that you respect that privacy.

Coming soon… “Baby Boomers” and social media.

To your success,

Roy Miller


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