Everyone who enters the internet marketing arena is always looking for their first sale. Sometimes that sale comes fairly quickly, and most of the time, it comes way down the road. I have spent more than five years trying to get this internet marketing thing down. I have purchased ebooks, courses, attended webinars, seminars and workshops. There is so much information out there and it is changing every day. 

I Just Got Tired…

I got tired of searching, and trying , and spending money on the newest “shiny object” solution. I was going from program to program, product to product, and not making any progress. I just got sick and tired of the wasted time and money I spent.

It All Changed For Me…

My journey of change began for me in July of 2015. I came across something that for some reason really hit home for me. It struck a nerve within me. I am not sure that I can explain it, but I just new this was the right solution for me. I got an email, as most of us do. I must be on a million mailing list! Never the less, it seemed to be just what I needed and what I had been searching for. It was designed for beginners, and I felt like that was for me.




The Quick Start Challenge…

The Quick Start Challenge is a basic introduction into internet marketing. It is a very good start for beginners. It is a basic overview of how internet marketing works, and you are given specific tasks to complete each week. For example, you learn how to set up a WordPress blog, how to do a You Tube video, and how to write content for your blog.

I did set up a WordPress blog, I did some You Tube videos, and I started posting content. We also learned about “blog hopping.” That is basically where you visit other peoples blogs and leave a comment on their content, in hopes that they will leave a comment on your blog too. It is a way to build engagement and to help with your blogs ranking with Google and other search engines.

I Was Unhappy…

Although I did have a blog, I was not happy with it. I asked for some help with it in our Facebook Group. One of the members offered to look at it and make some suggestions. After reviewing his suggestions, I hired him to build me a new and better blog. Which he did. You are on it right now. It is such a huge improvement over what I had before.

I Got Serious, And Focused On Success…

I began last July to write articles and do videos for my blog. I also did “blog hopping” to increase my blog reach. I faithfully did this. I tweaked things on my blog to try to improve it. I posted articles on my Facebook Fan Page, and even did some boosting of my articles on my Fan Page. It did help with engagement.

I ran a few Facebook ads to try to make some sales. I was able to get a couple of small ($4.95) sales and a few email list sign ups. Nothing earth shattering there. Finally, someone who had visited my blog before, came back and purchased a “high ticket” offer from me. The offer was a $2,000.00 product! I got a $1,000.00 commission from that sale as an affiliate.  (50 % of the sale). 

Boom- My First High Ticket Sale

4-time-payment plan

I did not even know I made the sale until I checked my email one day. I am bombarded with so much email, I don’t check it very often. Imagine my surprise when among all those sales messages from others, I saw a notification that I had made a $1,000.00 commission. I literally slid my mouse off the mouse pad. I could not believe it. I must have read that email twenty times. I went into my back office, and there it was. My first $1,000.00 commission! I was so excited that when I calmed down, I sent my coach a message on Skype. He was so happy for me.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-13 um 07.44.18

Proof of my sale


Time And Effort…

When I began I wanted to make $10,000.00 a month, just like everyone does, and I wanted it over night. I knew that was not going to happen. I allowed myself six to 9 months to see results. I knew I would have to stay with it and not get distracted. I worked hard at it and took focused action every day. If you can stay with it, it will pay off for you. I will admit to you, it is easy to get frustrated and discouraged, and you will want to quit. I know I did. I am proof that if you will just keep going, work every day, make adjustments as necessary, the reward will come to you.

How Can You Get Your First “High Ticket Sale”?

I don’t know where you are in your journey. Maybe you are a “newbie” or have some experience, but if you want to be part of a step-by-step system to your first “high ticket sale”, this might be your answer. You need a system, a support group and a mentor that will show you the way. I found that system. It is the Ipro System. This system is working for me and I know it will work for you too. You just have to plug into it, follow the system it teaches, and you will get to where you want to go. The system works. You just have to work the system. Please, take a few minutes to look at the system. See what other people are saying about their success with  Ipro.

On Monday at 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern, 11pm United Kingdom, I wanna invite you to a webinar with my mentor. Check it out!

To your success,

Roy Miller





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