Boost your conversion: Grab Your Visitor’s Attention the Easy Way


Every marketer and blog owner knows how hard it is to get a viewers attention.

You have to direct them to your blog, then to a special article that alone is a hard job, but how hard is it to draw his attention to a certain point. That could be a offer or even somthing which gives him a lot of value like  a secret information about a special topic. Or you just want to draw attention to a headline. Therefore Thrive Themes has a brand new gadget ” Type Focus ” in Thrive Themes plugin Content Builder.

Boost your conversion: Grab Your Visitor’s Attention the Easy Way

Here is the Solution: Type Focus from Thrive Themes:

Type Focus is a real attention grabber and a conversion booster. It makes your website lively, cause you can show your ” attention grabber ” as it is written in real time. Even with automatically changing the text, unbelivable the potential of this feature. It lets you easily animate text and make it appear as if someone’s typing on the screen.

Thrive Themes the only Solution you will ever need

Thrive Themes does an unbelivable good job with their Themes, Plugins and my most loved Customer Service. If you have a problem on your website and you are in Thrive Themes these guys have for every issue a solution. Thrive Themes is unbelivable affordable with unlimited own websites for 149.- Dollars.

Check Thrive Themes out- it will fit up all your marketing needs and as they are permantly develop more and more gadgets is an absolut no- brainer for you and your business.

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Here you can see how it really looks alike-


And here for visual girls and guys a video from Thrive Themes.


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