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Ipro Headline Webinar, A Review

Ipro Headline Webinar, A Review

With Ipro you do not get a only a killer funnel, Dean Holland and his crew provide important information about the whole inernet marketing business.  Every week there is an other webinar about tacticts and techniques- todays topic is headline writing.

Headlines explained on the Ipro webinar:

It is said that headlines are so important that they can be worth 90% of your advertising dollar.

The headline is the first part of your copy that the reader sees. You must get the first sentence read.

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Thrive Themes Landing Page Builder

How To Create A Custom Landing Page From Scratch…

In the Thrive Themes Content Builder, you are able to create a 100% custom landing page from scratch.

What If I See A Landing Page I Like From Somewhere Else?

One of the things that makes the Thrive Themes Landing Page Builder so versatile, is that if you see a landing page that you like, you can duplicate it in the Thrive Themes Landing Page Builder.

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The Big Commission Blueprint

A System, Why Do I Need One?

In my last couple of post, I talked about a blueprint, and why you needed one. I also talked about your “why” and your “number”. In order to succeed in this business, you will need a system. Preferably a proven system. A system that does not require being involved in product launches, recruiting affiliates, JV partners, or Guru’s.

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