How To Get A Free Online Education

Do you know how to get a free education in online marketing? I know you have seen many ads and coaching offers to learn online marketing. What you don’t know is that you are getting the coaching everyday in your email inbox. Yes, you are getting a free education daily in your email inbox. I am willing to bet that you did not even realize this, did you?

Is This You…?

You sit and open your emails everyday. What are you getting in those emails? Some announcements from your family and friends? Perhaps some information about some future events, such as a wedding or birthday celebration? More importantly, you are getting sales offers to purchase products from someone. What do you do with those offer emails? If you are like most people, you read them and sometimes buy them!


Remove The Clutter Before You Begin…

The problem with most of those emails is that they tend to distract you. They cause you to lose focus on what you need to be doing to move your business forward. You are looking for the “magic bullet.” The push button solution to move you ahead. This leads to the “shiny object syndrome.” You just keep buying the next ebook, video course, or other training, hoping this is “the one” for success. I know from my own experience all about this. What you need to do is unsubscribe from all emails that are not adding value to you or your business.

Start The Free Education…

First, you need to develop a very strong self discipline not to purchase these items unless they will help you in your business. One of the things you can learn from the emails that provide value to you is the marketing used in those emails.

What I mean by this is ” don’t look at what they are trying to sell you, but look at how they are selling it to you“. What was the subject line of the email that caused you to open it and read it? Did you like a graphic or video in the email? Was it a link in the email? Chances are that if you opened this and read it, so did other people like you. When you look at the email from the prospective of a marketer, rather than from a buyer, you have begun your free education.

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Roy Miller

Model, Not Copy…

One of the best things you can learn from this perspective is to be able to model what that seller is doing. Remember, model not copy. A good way to start is to start keeping a “swipe file” of emails that you find that you like. 

1.  Subject Lines…

What was in the subject line that caused you to open this particular email? Do you think it could apply to your marketing? If so, place it in a file for future reference.

2.  Words or Phrases…

What kind of “buzz words or phrases” did they use to cause you to take action on this email? Save those in a file for later use when you need ideas. 

3.  The Email Itself…

What was in the actual email that captivated you? The copy, the style, the font? If it got your attention, it could be a template for you to use in the future.

4.  Ads…

When you are on the internet, what type of ads get your attention? Take those ads and save them in a file for your future use when you are trying to develop your own ads. 

5.  Squeeze Pages…

When you see a squeeze page you like, place that in a file for future use. What did you like? Was it the color, the button, the background color or picture?

6.  Sales Pages…

Look at all the sales pages you see. What about them appeals to you? Do you realize that most sales pages are created by professional copywriters? Take advantage of this free resource. However, do not copy it. Model, not copy. These give you great headlines, sales copy, graphics, and videos. You can use these as an outline for your sales pages. 

What Really Matters…

In your education, you also need to educate your mind for business. You need to develop the proper mindset for business. Sometimes that means you need to invest in yourself, to improve yourself.

Sit minimum at your desk while online working.

Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone…

Fear is one of the biggest things that holds people back from achieving great things. One of the most important things about educating yourself is that it is more important to get it done than it is to get it right. Take these tips and apply them to your business. This is a free resource to use to help you in your marketing! The first step is to take action!

Patience, Persistence And High Levels Of Education Will Propel You Toward Success.

To your success,

Roy Miller

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