How Effective Is The Work You Are Doing Now?

How effective is what you are doing now? It is a question I struggled with for quite a while. Most bloggers have the same questions when they are working on a blog post, or an article, or a video? We often wonder whether or not we are wasting our time? Do you wonder if anyone will see your post or your video. My guess would be yes. After all, none of us has any extra time to wast

Are you doing all that you can do?

Take a moment and ask yourself how far you are willing to go to get results. Will you do whatever it takes to get the job done? Are you passionate enough about it to do more than the minimum amount of work? Will you let nothing stand in your way to achieve your goals? You need to be constantly be asking yourself if you have done enough to move yourself forward.

Putting In The Work Now…

One thing I have learned is that if you do the blog posting, the videos, the articles on a consistent basis, you will be rewarded later. Think of it as “priming the pump, or filling the conduit.” When you spend the time to get your content out into the marketplace, it will be out there for everyone to see.  

How Effective Is The Work You Are Doing Now?

Keep The Pipeline Full

                                                                                 The pipeline is your lifeline.   

You have to be consistently letting your content flow for the world to see. You just keep filling the pipeline with good content. The pipeline will fill up and the content will be pushed into the market for all to see.

Content Last Forever…

The content you put out will be out there forever. The interesting thing is people will see content you wrote two years later, and they might sign up for your mailing list or purchase your product. No matter what you do now, the payoff will come later. You have to have this mindset. The biggest problem for most people is they want instant gratification. You need to be prepared for the long haul.

How Effective Is The Work You Are Doing Now?

The Reward…

I have experienced this for myself. I was blogging and doing videos for almost a year. One of the sales I made ($1,000.00) was from an article I did several months prior. You never know who will visit your blog, or see one of your videos that you did several months before, and buy your product. Keep doing the work because it will be effective at some point. I have seen many post from very successful marketers, and they will tell you that this also happened to them. The reward will come to you.

Are you willing to burn your boat?

I saw a Tony Robbins video where he said that if you are not willing to take a boat to an island and burn the boat once you got there, you were not serious enough about what you wanted to achieve. In other words, if you want something, you must be willing to go and get it without any way to have an excuse not to get it. You will do whatever it takes with no excuses to fall back on.

As long as you provide quality and value, your work will not be for nothing. Always think of your fellow brothers and sisters, and how you can help them. Remember, it is what you give other people that will get you what you want.

To Your Success,

Roy Miller

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