Ipro Headline Webinar, A Review

With Ipro you do not get a only a killer funnel, Dean Holland and his crew provide important information about the whole inernet marketing business.  Every week there is an other webinar about tacticts and techniques- todays topic is headline writing.

Headlines explained on the Ipro webinar:

It is said that headlines are so important that they can be worth 90% of your advertising dollar.

The headline is the first part of your copy that the reader sees. You must get the first sentence read.

8 out of 10 people will read your headline, but only 2 out of 10 will read past that.

A one word change in a headline can make a dramatic change in the success of your campaign.

In the Ipro Headline Webinar, it was stressed that headlines must grab attention and convey massive value and a solution.

The best copy is always simple.

Three Formulas To Use When Creating Headlines…

    1.  X ways to Y

Example: ” 4 ways to effortlessly lose 15 pounds. “

     2.  X ways to Y in Z time

 Example: “2 ways to drop one belt size in 14 days.”

     3.  How to X without Y

Example: “How to increase your blog traffic without spending any money.”

Where To Find Headline Swipe Copy…

One of the best ways to find ideas for headline copy is to look at magazine covers and see which headlines appeal to you. You can also use the mail you get to find good headlines to swipe for future use. Always think of what headlines get your attention, and why they do. This information is a perfect way to understand what a person like you is drawn to in a headline.

One way to get ideas is to Google your niche + magazine cover.

    Example: If you are in the weight loss niche, you simply type “weight watchers + magazine cover” into Google. The magazine cover will come up and you can look at the headlines on it to get ideas for headlines.

Do You Have A Good Headline?

Once you have an idea for a headline, there are resources that you can run your idea through to test it.

These sites will score your headline and rate it for you. This will give you the opportunity to tweak your headline. You just keep tweaking it until you have a properly formatted and winning headline.

Resources For Headlines…

    1.  CoScheduler Blog Post Headline Analyzer

    2.  Advanced Marketing Institute Emotional Marketing Value Analyzer

    3.  IMHV.com Headline Generator

Writing attention grabbing headlines are very important. It will take time and effort to master this skill.

If you use this information and these resources, you will in no time, be a master headline writer.

To your success,



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