iPro King, A Review

For all of you out there that want to get started with online marketing, but are overwhelmed and suffer from information overload, this might just be what you are looking for. I know that when I started, there was so much information and so many programs available, that it was hard for me to be able to follow through with one and get any positive results. One of the many benefits of the iPro King System is that it is a very simple, step-by-step system that is easy for a beginner to follow, and best of all, it is FREE!

The Introduction…

This will give you a brief overview of what is included in iPro King. It will show you what training is included in the system. It covers niche selection, domains and hosting, blogs and so much more

The Blog Foundation…

I am using my blog as an example of the way to properly structure a blog. You will notice that I have the following:

1.  A landing page. That is the entrance to my blog.

2.  A lead capture page.

3.  A free report as a lead magnet.

4.  A short explanation of what my blog is about.

5.  Affiliate offers, such as IPRO.

6.  My blog posts.

7.  My blog sections.

     A. My Amazon Store

     B.  An opt-in box.

     C.  Advertisements

8.  Content post.

9.   Recommendations.

10. Thrive Themes.

11. An IPRO section.

12. A marketing store.

The Ipro System…

This is a video of me talking about my first “high ticket sale.” It was an affiliate sale for $2,000.00, of which I earned a $1,000.00 commission. There is also an invitation to a webinar that explains the IPRO System.

The Silver Section

Niche Research, Part 1…

This section will show you how to use Clickbank.com to find a market. 

1.  How to use the Marketplace in Clickbank.

2.  How to find product categories in Clickbank.

3.  How to find the Gravity score in Clickbank.

4.  How to evaluate a sales page of the affiliate offers in Clickbank that you might want to promote.

Niche Research, Part 2…

This section gives you a list of resources for finding profitable niches that you can exploit. Some examples are:

1.  Dummies.com

2.  Amazon.com

3.  Ezine Articles.com

4.  Magazines.com

Domain Training…

1.  How to register your domain name on GoDaddy.co 

Domain Hosting…

1.  How to set up hosting on Hostgator.com

Changing Name Servers…

1.  How to point your domain from GoDaddy.com to Hostgator.com.

How To Set Up Your Own Blog Cash Machine…

1.  How to install WordPress with “one click installation.”

2.  How to install WordPress manually.

3.  WordPress Cleanup.

4.  WordPress Security

5.  WordPress Dashboard Tour.

6.  WordPress Pages vs. Posts.

7.  How to create a WordPress Page.

8.  How to create a WordPress Post.

9.  WordPress Plug-ins.

    A.  Which ones do you need?

10. WordPress Themes.

11. WordPress Widgets.

12. WordPress Basic SEO.

13. WordPress Brute Force Prevention.

Thrive Themes…

1.  How to connect Thrive Leads with Aweber.

2.  How to create a complete List Building Funnel.

3.  How to set up a Conversion Optimized website from scratch.

Email Marketing…

1.  Aweber – How to add a new email list.

2.  Aweber – How to create a sign up form.

3.  Aweber – How to install the sign up form.

4.  Aweber – How to set up a follow up message.

5.  Get Response – How to set up step-by-step.

6.  Copywriting Basics.

Business Lessons…

1.  Outsourcing and why it is important.

2.  Funnel Development.

3.  Collecting money in your business. Paypal.

Facebook Training…

1.  Facebook Ads.

2.  7 Facebook Hacks to help promote your business.

    A.  How to triple your Facebook Engagement in 7 steps.

B.  How to create a custom news feed for your niche.

C.  How to unlock Facebook posts and add a “call to action.”

D.  How to customize your Facebook Group chat conversations.

E.  How to debug your posts and clear your Facebook cache.

F.  How to create custom friends list and news feeds.

G.  How to reverse engineer and spy on Facebook Advertisers.

3.  New Facebook Ad Strategy.

4.  20% Rule change for Facebook Ads in 2016.

Helpful Resources For Pictures and Images…

1.  Pixabay.com- over 600 ooo pictures for free.

2.  Canva.com- picture editing for free like a pro.

Bonus Lessons…

1.  The Big Commission Blueprint.

2.  51 K in 24 Days.

As you can see, there is a ton of free training in the iPro KING system.

If you are tired of struggling and being frustrated, this is for you and best of all, it is FREE! 

The WordPress and Facebook training are so good, I could easily charge a fee for them. I don’t want to do that. I want to give back and help the people that are overwhelmed with the technical aspects of online marketing.

To your success,

Roy Miller

Here you can get direct access to iPro King:

PS: We will be adding two more sections to the training. They will be a Gold section and a Platinum section. 


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