Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, A Review

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook is a book written by Gary Vannerchuk. It shows “how to tell your story in a noisy world.” In this book Gary uses an analogy of boxing to help you understand why you might be doing your marketing all wrong. He says that there are a lot of marketers and marketing companies that try to use their marketing to to throw a “right hook” to make the sale.

In his boxing analogy, he compares that form of marketing to a boxer going into the ring to fight. No decent boxer is going to go into a ring with the expectation that he will be able to throw just one punch and knockout his opponent. If you watch fighters, they move around a throw a series of different combination punches based on their opponents fighting style. They have studied each others style to find out what their strengths and weaknesses are. For example, one fighter will throw a series of jabs until he finds an opening where he can deliver the “right hook”, hoping to knockout the other fighter.

The Jab…

in today’s marketplace, you have to make your customer happy. For us, the “jab” is one conversation, one engagement, that will start to build a relationship. Are you posting quality content, are you giving value, are you engaging with your market? Or are you trying to just make the sale? Are you just throwing a “right hook” for the quick buck? You must be always building and cultivating relationships! Your “jabs” should be content that will help your customers, or make them laugh, or feel appreciated.

You Must Be Able To Tell Your Story…

You must be able to have your content tell your story. However, your content and story will not be the same across all platforms. Social media is the best way to get your content and story told. All social media is not the same. You want your story to keep people coming back for more. Smartphones and social media are changing the way content is absorbed. Your story telling should compel people to buy what you are selling. You cannot make the sale without the story. Your story should create emotion that will cause the customer to buy.Your story should be natural and non-intrusive.

What Is The Perfect Right Hook?

1.  The call to action is clear and easy to understand.

2.  It is adapted for mobile and digital devices.

3.  It respects the social media platform that the content is written for.

What About Content?

Social media content must have quality as well as quantity. Content that is written just for the sake of content is a waste of time and effort. Your content must be good enough to overcome the other volumes of content in the marketplace. Your content must have good context with the platform. Your content should tell stories that engage your audience at an emotional level. You must always put your audience first. It is always about them and not you. Be willing to give, inform them, add humor, and try to inspire them. If you have told your story correctly, your content will be shared.

To Your Success,

Roy Miller


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