List Building Easy Made- Thrive Themes

List Building Easy Made- Thrive Themes

As you all know the money is in the list, which reflects my own experiences too.

Here in this article, I will show you an easy way how to turn your visitors to subscribers and then into a customer.

I have made many efforts to make a sale  with banners and added links  but this is like winning in the lottery or shooting in the dark. Fore sure if you have a big amount of traffic you can even get conversion with your banners and your links.

Many new bloggers make the mistake in the beginning phase of their blog  that they forget to install an opt-in for their list building strategy. To get a visitors lead is very important to build up a relationship and build up yourself as a trustful person. With email marketing it is a lot eassier to give your subscriber  the feeling you communicate 1 to 1, direct with him. That will motivate your customer to think about your offers and at the end to buy from you or use your affiliate-links.

When you sign up through this form, you will experience two Thrive Leads features in action: The template for the content upgrade box and ThriveBox that opens on click is one of the new templates available in the plugin. The email you receive is sent using our Asset Delivery feature, which makes it super easy to set up different content upgrades, without having to create a new mailing list every time.​

So you can place our opt-in offer in your article

Here comes Thrive Themes into the game. Thrive Themes is conversion optimized with its themes and plugings. It is an all-in-one solution which is constantly growing and all time updated to get your visitor as a customer.

Here in this special case Thrive Themes has the focus not on get just a visitor as an newsletter subsriber, it is more precise and grabs your visitor attention with a direct giveaway. This giveaway could be an ebook or an organizational sheet which points to the topic that is mentioned in the article. That will make your visitor more motivated to sign in your opt-in offers.

List Building Easy Made- Thrive Themes

Opt-in Templet from Thrive Themes

Thrive Leads is the most advanced solution which I have ever meet in the whole internet marketing world. It never has been easier to collect leads on your blog as the constructurs have installed in Thrive Leads several different ways of leads collecting. Scroll mate is for example the opt-in style when you enter roymillermarketing.com and check out my beauitful footer and sidebar optin widget here on RMM.

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Main opt-in on RMM

I highly recommend Thrive Themes to every new blogger and to everybody which wants to have a nice, clean and conversion optimzed professional solution for your blog. Thrive Themes although updates new templets for opt-ins and a lot more. Check Thrive Themes out!

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Here in this video for visual girls and guys. You can check out how powerful this new gadget from Thrive Leads really is.


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