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As you all know internet marketing is a very fast game, with changing rules. You just bought this great piece of software – and few hours after, the next future awesome tool is on it´s way; masked in a brand new product which looks much more better then the one just purchased. Therefore, it is hard not get confused and sometimes frustrated.

You have to learn Blogging!

There is a lot to learn. But, learning how to blog is the first skill that a internet marketer needs. Your blog is your way of communication! It is very important to master the “WordPress” blogging skills! Bloggging is great way to improve your techincal skills and, it will help you build a proper foundation to success!

WordPress, the right decision!

Even if you are totally new to IM you have something to tell. WordPress is a tool which is being used by millions of bloggers, and it is growing by the minute. This means, new people will start after you, and need your advice! This could be the first topic on your brandnew internet blog, whatever your niche! WordPress is your home, your foundation!

The Affiliate Way!

For sure you can promote your products & softwares! Through your banners and affiliate links – the best is to use and promote tools which you know and are proven to be useful. Of course the responsiveness and quality of the themes you are using is very important! In Thrive Themes we Trust!

Marketing Success For Seniors - Ask Roy

Be Patient!

Step by step things will come together. It is a slow game – If you are new to it, you need to be patient. Even though you have to be delivering every day, even if it is 20 minutes! That is the formula to internet marketing success.

60 Years Old, No Problem!

Do not think that you age is hurdle, if there is a hurdle, it is your mind set, whether you are 18 or 67 years old! Yes you can, make your own videos!  Everybody as something to exchange, it is all about exchanging & sharing your experiences! Most internet success started with basement videos, no cliché! You have to train! Blogging and Video Marketing put together is the stongest asset that you have. With a few plugins, to make clickable videos you will have real chances –

The Journey is your reward!

The Journey is the reward – you will have to break the way into small milestones. As a beginner it is hard, every platform is a universe, but you can only decide what you like doing if you try it! See what you like and what you can, be realistic, for the rest find the good people!

Here on Roy Miller Marketing you will have a total insight in my works, my new  implemented methods and tools. To give you an overview of what can be done and how can it be made. If you have a question just ask me. As you know, sharing thoughts and experiences, is the only way to get stronger!

To your Success, Roy.




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