Quick Start Challenge, My First Video Ever

My name is Roy Miller and I am 64 years old. In my daily life I work as a project manager for an electro contracting firm in Dallas. As this weeks challenge on the quick start challenge is to set up a video an you tube, I proudly present my first attemp ever.

For 5 years I am in online marketing and I am learning the whole time and when I want to implement what I have learnt, there will be a newer object out which I try to learn about.

In this whole learning loop, I have never succeded with one thing. In the last two weeks of the quick start challenge I have implemented so much as never before.

Another issue is shiny objects for me. Newest products and trends which will perfect for pro marketers but for overwhealmed newbies a no go.

God thanks I am now in the quick start challenge, the group on facebook helps me a lot. If I have a question and I post it in the group, there are so many gentle people which will help me with my issue.

If you like my video, please give me a thumbs up on you tube.

To your succcess,


Quick Start Challenge, My First Video Ever

If you wanna visit my whole journey on the Quick start Challenge. Here we go:



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