Stop Buying And Start Selling

How much time and money have you spent on buying reports, ebooks, and other shiny objects? Are you making any money from them? if not, then you need to stop buying stuff and start selling something!

Stop Buying And Start Selling

Change your mindset.

We are all guilty of it, so don’t feel bad. You need to find a product, put up a squeeze page, and drive some traffic to it. You have to get into the game. Guess what? You are not going to get rich overnight. You are going to lose some money. This is how you pay for your education. You must test and tweak, test and tweak, until you find what works for you.


Change Your Mindset…

You must think like a marketer. You have to begin to have a business mindset. You must build a real business. Find a coach or mentor. Start building relationships with people. Online marketing is a business, not a hobby. You must treat it like one.

What Will I Need?

People. You will need real live, breathing people. People as customers, partners, and mentors. We are in the people business. We provide value to people. We have the unique opportunity to literally get people away from their day jobs and change their lives! How would you feel knowing that you changed someones life?

How Can I Become A Seller?

    1.  One of the best ways is to create your own product. It could be an ebook, a report, a case study, or a video series. Most people have some specialized knowledge that they could leverage into one of these items. It could be a low cost introductory product that will get your brand out to the marketplace and get you selling.

2.  You could interview another marketer, record it, and sell it as a report, or as a video.

3.  You could do a webinar with another known marketer as a joint venture. You could package that into a product.

4.  You could use all of these techniques to build your list. Once you build your list, you can sell to them time after time.

Check Pain Points.

What Are The Pain Points In My Market?

What problems does your market have that you can provide a specific solution to? Remember, one pain point, one solution. This is very important. Don’t think in terms of one blanket solution for all pain points, That will not work.

To your success,

Roy Miller


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