Storytelling- How To Sell More Using Stories

One of the most beneficial skills that you can learn in marketing, is to become a great story teller. People want to be entertained rather than be bombarded with facts and figures. When someone is being told a story they become invested in that story, they are reminded of something in their life, and they become engaged with you. Stories are subtle and engaging.

People Remember Characters…

Characters will always trump content or information. Characters are easier to remember than information. People want to be entertained more than they want to learn facts and figures.

In order to prove my point, let me ask you this: “how much money has the movie The Wizard of Oz made?” You probably do not know. If I asked you to name a character in the movie, how long would it take you to answer? Did you say, Dorothy, The Tin Man, The Lion, The Scarecrow or Toto? See you know the characters! I bet you named them all in less than a minute.

The Three Major Characters…

1.  Alpha

This character is a leader or boss,

They will take charge and tell you what to do.

Here is an example:

2.  Braveheart or Crusader

This character wants you to join him and go on a mission.

Here is an example: 

3.  Maven or Evangelist

This character is a researcher, someone who finds all the facts and figures.

They find the best of the best.

Here is an Example:

Five Major Story Lines…

When you think of story lines, think about movie types. You have love stories, comedies, action, and horror to name a few. Within these type of movies, you have many different sub-sets of story lines. For example in comedies you have romantic comedies, adventure comedies and even western comedies, to name a few. 

1.  The Before and After story.

Here is an example:

2.  The Amazing Discovery story.

Here is an example:

3.  The I’ve Got A Secret story.

Here is an example:

4.  The 3rd Person Testimonial story.

Here is an example:

5.  The Us vs. Them story.

Here is an example:

When you are telling your story, you may use multiple character types within your story line. The main thing to remember is that people will relate more to a story than facts. Be a character that people will remember and relate to. Someone they will want to engage with.

To your success,

Roy Miller


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