The Ipro System Explained

If you are looking for a complete online marketing system, the Ipro System may be the perfect system for you. There is no better time than today to be involved in online marketing. With the technology of today, online marketing is easier than ever for someone to get involved in. To be successful, you need a proven system. If you are willing to invest in yourself, and showing up to take action, you can succeed with Ipro.



What Does Ipro Have To Offer?

Ipro has a complete system.

1.  Training

2.  A Facebook Community

3.  Sales Funnels

4.  A Conversion System

5.  A Follow Up System

6.  A Sales Tracking System

The Big Commission Blueprint

Front End Product-BCB

What Are The Sales Funnels?

1.  The Front End Funnel

A.  It builds a list of leads or prospects

B.  Helps you to acquire customers

C.  It maximizes your revenue at the point of sale

D.  It generates recurring income

E.  The products are priced from free to $500.00

2.  The Back End Funnel

A.  It helps you to get clients

B.  It gives your clients your best value

C.  It is where the big profits are made

D.  It delivers the best results

E.  The minimum product price is $1,000.00

Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret

Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret is an Ipro Product

The Five Types Of Products You Need…

1.  A Free Product

A.  An ebook, video, report, or checklist

B.  It must be of value

C.  It should lead to the next offer

2.  A Front End Product

A.  It should deliver value

B.  It should build trust

C.  It should establish authority

3.  An Up Sell Product

A.  It offers more value

B.  It will maximize profit at the point of sale

C.  It will make something easier for your customer

D.  It will save your customer time

E.  It will save your customer money

F.  It will do something for your customer better than they can do it for themselves

4.  A Membership Product

A.  The most important product

B.  It will provide recurring income

5.  A High Ticket Product

A.  it is the most value to offer to your customer

B.  It can be coaching, consulting, a mastermind group, a live event, or a done for you service

C.  It is a $1,000.00 or more product

The System…

1.  Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Offer

2.  A percentage of people will opt-in to your free product

3.  A percentage of those people will buy your front end offer

4.  A percentage of the people who buy your front end offer will buy the up sell

5.  A percentage of the people will join your membership program

6.  A percentage of the people will apply for a phone call about your back end product

7.  A percentage of these people will buy the back end product

You must remember that this is a process and could take some time. However, if you work at it, it will gain momentum.

To your success,

Roy Miller

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