The Money Spiders- How To Use Your Created Content

Are you trying to make more sales in your online business? Does it seem like you are blogging and making post on Facebook, but you are still not making sales? Don’t feel bad. Many people are having the same problem.

I just saw a Facebook Live post from a very successful internet marketer. he was discussing this very problem. He had a very interesting analogy for it. 

Casting Your Web…

The analogy that he made was that when you write a piece of content, or do a video,  think of it like a spider web. By that, he means that you use that content like a spider web on the internet to get a customer to buy your product. That is the “money spider.”

How Many Webs Are You Casting?

In other words, how much content are you dispersing per day? For example, if you are posting one article on your blog per week, you are only casting out 52 webs per year. What if you add one video per week to that? You are increasing your webs to 104 per year. That is better, but not great. What if you add one post to your Facebook Fan Page per week? You would now have 156 webs cast in a year.

Massive Action = Massive Results…

So far, we have used three types of webs. Let’s ramp it up a bit. What if we do one blog post a day, one video per day, and one Facebook Fan Page post per day. We would now have 1,095 webs cast per year. You would now have 1,095 chances for someone to see your content, and attract more “money spiders.”

Now think of how many more resources you could use to cast your webs. How about Twitter, Stumbleupon, Redditt, Tumblr, Pinterest or Instagram? Placing one piece of content on each of these per day would give you an additional 2,190 webs per year. When you do all of them, you would have 3,285 webs per year. 

The Law Of Averages…

The law of averages tells you that the more content you have out there, the more “money spiders” you will attract. Cast as many webs as you can!

To Your Success,

Roy Miller


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