Website Review: How to Make an Already Good Website Even Better

If you own  already a website, you know there are always adjustments and improvements to make.

Here is a short overview what small tweaks you should have in your mind for your website.

Thelittlehealthcompany.com is our  example website, which is reviewed bei Shane from Thrive Themes.

Here we go:

  1. Clean up Mish-Mash with different font styles. Your Logo font should match with your font set on your website.If you want to mix it up use maximal 2 different font sytles on one website- 3 ist too much and does not look professional at all. Here is an example with 3 differnent fonts.
    Website Review: How to Make an Already Good Website Even Better

    3 Different Fonts-Logo-Header And Button- No Go!


  2. Top Level link issues– make sure that your to top level link goes to a real link and does not point only to a second level. Therefore, it is better to have one top level link which goes to another landing pages with all items you wanted to point through a second level link.
  3. Make your products more clickable– the more abilities you will give to one product that it can be intelligent clicked the more clicks clicks and so sales you will have. So easy that is.
  4. More Product Images– do not forget people like to turn around the products in their hands around if they  buy normally physical products- online you can not do that so give them pictures that tey have the feeling the can poke the product even if you sell just a digital one.
  5. This have been a small issue improvements now come bigger adjustments which you can make on your website and with this suggestions you will be able to make more conversions and sales.
  6. Create a Big Marketing Push ” Where is the biggest leverage point to bring more business?”   More products, bundles offers, funnels, suggestions to products. Focus on lead generation- get subscribers; Content and Social Marketing- reach out to many people with good content; start running ads with retargeting- start a campaign and spend some money.

Here is the video with tips from Shane the co-founder of Thrive Themes:

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