What Is Periscope?

Periscope is a new social media that is part of Twitter. It has been around since March 2015. It has been doubling in size every month since. One of the keys to a successful Periscope is that you be real, and raw. By that we mean, just be yourself. You do not have to be polished and look professional.

When you are planning your Periscope, always be conscience of your audiences time. You must always provide value first, or your audience will leave. Make sure that you interact with the people on your live stream. You want engagement.  You can always ask your audience for topics that they are interested in.

What is Periscope?

Where possible, tie your Periscope to your blog content. Be sure that you always ask for feedback from your live stream. Remember that the people on Periscope are a community or a tribe. By that, we mean that they have a common interest or bond with each other.

They are interested in what you have to say, and they want to know that you are interested in them.

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Perisopes advantages

Big marketers like Chris Record and Russel Brunson use Perisccope and have thousands of live viewers. This will be the future of private broadcasting. With an unbeliviable potential.

Be prepared for Periscope with WP Scope.

WP Scope is a brand new tool with which you can upload a Periscope to you tube and then to your blog. That means that you will be able to get fresh content on autopilot.

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Video content on autopilot.

I will make further atricles abour WP Scope, if it really works and so be prepared for my honest review in a few days.

To your success.


Here I give you a short impression what Periscope is and how you can use it for your business. Even if you are a plummer and for working home homes. It is a faboulus tool.


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