Periscope, Pitfalls and Solutions

If there is a new tool out like Periscope, you have to study it. I want to present to you, the Pitfalls and Solutions for Periscope.

Since you could be in public, or outside, you will need a good quality microphone. One option is the Rode Smart Plus Microphone. It is available at Amazon for about $80.00. If you are serious about Periscope, it will be worth the investment.

Always remember to sign in and sign out of your broadcast. This way, your audience will not have any trouble getting on the broadcast.

When you are starting your broadcast, there will be some dead time. To keep from losing your audience, use the reverse camera angle to point to either your computer screen (if you are at home or in the office). On that screen, have your logo or a sign that promotes your brand. You could even have your contact information. The point is to have something for your audience to see that will be informative about you, and to keep them from leaving.


When you are ready to start your broadcast, reverse your camera. You will see people coming on. Be sure to acknowledge a few. (not everyone) Give a brief bio of yourself, and move around while you are talking. Do not use a monotone voice. Be enthusiastic! Be real!

As you are doing your broadcast, keep to one side of your screen. The other side will be scrolling the people who are coming on the broadcast.

GOLDEN RULE: Never try to sell on your first interaction with your audience.

Always be ruthless with your time. Take as much time as you need, but end when you have covered your content. Before you end your broadcast, ask your audience for a “share.”

A simple Plan:

You have to start.

Just do it.

Do not expect perfection.

Be yourself.

Tell your story.

Welcome your audience.

Remember, communication is key.

Provide value.

Engage your audience.

 To sell on Periscope, as with other marketing, you must get your audience to know, like, and trust you. Periscope can be used for lead generation, and for launch pre-sells.

Use searchable terms in your title. Balance must be used between content and selling. Always make it about your audience. Engagement is everything!

After you have done several Periscopes, give something away for free.

To gain followers, go on other peoples Periscopes. Try to get shares and hearts. Hearts in Periscope, are the same as likes in Facebook.

One last note. It may take you up to ten Periscopes to be comfortable, and master the process. That is alright. Just be consistent.

To your success


Here is a first proof that WP Scope really works. All automatically fresh content directly published to youtube, and to your blog


Check WP Scope out– I will keep you informed about further experiences.

I recorded a Q&A Session with Chris Record, enjoy.





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